Basic Stances


The illustrations below represent the position of the feet whilst practicing tachi kata (the 10 basic stances). Tachi (or Dachi) Kata is required as part of a karateka's first grading (9th Kyu - Red Belt).

1. Heisuko Dachi

(Closed Foot Stance)

heisuko dachi stance

Heels and toes together, knees straight, standing tall.

2. Musubi Dachi

(Formal Stance)

musubi dachi stance

Heels together, toes apart, knees straight, standing tall.

3. Heiko Dachi

(Parallel Stance)

heiko dachi stance

Feet parallel, shoulder width apart, standing tall.

4. Hachiji Dachi

(Natural Stance)

hachiji dachi stance

Toes pointed out, shoulder width, standing tall.

5. Kiba Dachi

(Horse Riding Stance)

kiba dachi stance

Parallel, slightly wider, knees slightly bent.

6. Shiko Dachi

(Box / Straddle Stance)

shiko dachi stance

Wide stance, toes pointed out knees bent over feet.

7. Zenkutsu Dachi

(Front Stance)

zenkutsu dachi stance

Front foot straight, knee bent. Back leg extended, foot angled out.

8. Renoji Dachi

(Tick Stance)

renoji dachi stance

Front foot straight, back foot angled, standing tall.

9. Neko Ashi Dachi

(Cat Foot Stance)

neko ashi dachi stance

Front leg on ball of foot, knee bent, back foot angled, knee slightly bent, 90% weight on back leg.

10. Sanchin Dachi

(Hour Glass Stance)

sanchin dachi stance

Back foot straight, front foot pointed inwards, knees slightly bent, back toes in line with front heel.