Dojo Rules


These rules apply to all karateka and are required learning for 8th KYU (Yellow Belt).

 1. You must book onto a session in advance using the Kyudokan App.

2. Always bow when entering or leaving any of the dojo’s or when stepping on the tatami (Training Mats).


 3. Always be prompt.

If you are unavoidably late then please enter the dojo quietly, then wait at the back of the dojo behind all the other students. From there a Sensei or Senpai will come and get you and take you to an available space.


 4. No running in the dojo.


 5. Uncontrolled technique and aggressive or bullying behaviour will not be tolerated and may result in termination of membership.


 6. Always address the Instructor as Sensei


 7. Respect and courtesy must be shown at all times.


8. All students must have valid membership and payments up to date to train or be assessed.


 9. No jewellery of any type may be worn during training. (except for religious requirements). 


 10. Shoes or socks are not allowed while training except for medical reasons.


11. No student may leave the dojo without an Instructor’s consent especially children.


11. Injuries prior to the session must be reported to the Senior Instructor.


13. A clean and ironed Gi and belt correctly tied are required** for all training sessions at all times, no tee shirts are allowed.

  • Juniors under 16 – Red Gi with Kyudokan kanji*

  • Junior Instructors – White Gi with Kyudokan kanji*

  • Seniors 16 and above – White Gi with Kyudokan Kanji*

  • Seniors & Junior 2nd Dan and above – Black Gi with Kyudokan Kanji*

*For Outdoor Training only in the summer months June - August, students are allowed to wear T shirts and shorts, preferably from the Kyudokan clothing store with a Kyudokan Kanji, a belt must always be worn. For all training inside students should wear Gi's throughout the year.

**if you are unable to tie your own belt please see our video on how, please do not rely on the Sensei's to tie your belt for you. How to Tie Your Belt

If a student is not correctly dressed or doesn't have their belt, then any planned assessment or awarding of a grade will be postponed.

 14. During sparring correct protective equipment must be worn. No shin pads = no kicks, No Gloves = No Sparring. Please see our full guide: Sparring rules, glove and shin guard guide

If a student doesn't have the correct protective equipment then they will be required to sit and observe or train to one side dependant on instructor availability. Additionally any planned assessment of their sparring will be postponed.



Kyudokan Karate reserves the right to terminate a membership if these rules are breached or if the student is deemed unsuitable to continue Karate Training.