Kyudokan Karate Sensei and Senpai Policy


Students of Brown Belt 3rd KYU and above can be invited by the Kyudokan Panel to join the Sensei and Senpai team. This is a voluntary position for those who wish to further their experience by teaching and assisting others.

The Sensei and Senpai school is free and gives participants the opportunity to have extra time in the Dojo, advanced training and 'teach the teacher' sessions.

  1. Karate Experience
    • All Senseis & Senpais will have been taught Karate by Kyudokan Karate
    • Be current active members of Kyudokan Karate
    • Unless agreed with the Kyudokan Panel, Senseis & Senpais will only teach to a maximum amount of hours per week that is no more than the amount of hours spent training.
    • A Senpai will hold a minimum grade of Brown Belt 3rd KYU (except under exceptional circumstances)
    • A Sensei will hold a minimum grade of Shodan - full black belt.
    • Shall attend regular extra Senpai and Sensei training sessions.


  1. All Sensei’s and Senpai’s report to the Chief Instructor and the Kyudokan Panel.


  1. All Senpai’s and Sensei’s over the age of 16 will be subject to an enhanced DBS check at regular intervals.


  1. Polices and Procedures
    • All Senseis and Senpais of the club shall abide by all policies and procedures


  1. Reasonable out of pocket expenses will be paid to Sensei's.


  1. At the Dojo Senseis and Senpais must always be well presented in a clean and ironed Gi.


  1. Senseis and Senpais must always be ambassadors for Kyudokan Karate.