Kyudokids - Karate for 4 and 5 year olds


Welcome to Kyudokids!

We believe our Kyudokids classes are, not only an  ideal introduction to Kyudokan Karate, but a fantastic way to provide your child a break from their screens, and prepare them for school as they step out into the wide world.

We look forward to helping your child begin an exciting journey.


What will my child learn at Kyudokids?


Kyudokids will teach your child the basics of Kyudokan karate, including the first three punches, the first three blocks, the first two kicks and how to stand correctly (stances).

There is only one grade available - 10th kyu (white belt with a red stripe), once attained, your child can 'graduate' from Kyudokids and join the main Kyudokan classes across our 6 dojos. The full syllabus is listed below:


Kyudokids Grading Syllabus




• Upper Punch
• Middle Punch
• Lower Punch



• Upper Block
• Middle Block
• Lower Block



• Front Kick



5 Commonly used Basic Stances

Dojo Etiquette


• The importance of bowing, how to kneel, meditation, punctuality, preparedness.
• Listening to simple instructions.

Why choose Kyudokids?

Here are six reasons why we believe it's never too early to start your journey

When and where are Kyudokids classes held


Kyudokids all-in Membership includes weekly access to your chosen dojo location, the Kyudokan App training videos, insurance, grading fees + belt and even a free karate uniform when you join.

Once your child has completed their first grade, they are ready to move on to the full membership of Kyudokan Karate which allows them to train at all 6 Kyudokan dojos every week, they will also receive Free Mitts, Shin Pads and a Gum shield ready for the next stage of their Kyudokan Karate journey.